January 7, 2016

Weekend outing in the Cactus M concept car

Weekend outing in the Cactus M concept car

A concept car is by definition a one-off vehicle, designed for motor shows and very seldom seen on the road. In a characteristic break with convention, CITROËN lent the keys of its Cactus M concept car to the two winners of its Beach & Breakfast contest, for an exceptional weekend outing that would bear out the concept’s completely original “feel good” promise. You can judge for yourself on the video that’s just been released.

The purpose of a concept car is to experiment with emerging design trends and voice brand values. With Cactus M, CITROËN expresses its highly distinctive vision —fresh, optimistic and practical— of what motoring means. Because of the “feel good” emphasis, CITROËN was eager for this particular concept car to fulfil its promise outside the confines of a motor show. The dream came true for the two winners of the Beach & Breakfast contest, who enjoyed an exceptional weekend outing with this exceptional vehicle from 23 to 25 October.

The Beach & Breakfast operation, launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015, generated more than 75,000 connections and pulled in more than 3,000 contestants from 7 countries on the contest’s dedicated Beach & Breakfast website. The winners, a young couple from Madrid, were naturally delighted with the utterly unique opportunity to actually drive a concept car. With its built-in tent, Cactus M makes an ideal partner for free-roaming leisure escapades. On Saturday morning it was there waiting to take its young motorists on an unforgettable weekend of motoring, surfing and mountain-biking, not to mention the campfire on the beach along the spectacular Cassias coastline in Portugal.

The Beach & Breakfast contest is a great illustration of CITROËN’s “Be Different, Feel Good!” philosophy and its capacity to stray inventively from the beaten track. Click on the link below to view highlights from the unique weekend escapade.