Citroën Berlingo FG



The new Citroën Berlingo is available with new BlueHDi engines featuring the most efficient diesel emission control technology on the market. They also meet the new Euro 6 standard. Fuel consumption and emissions are as follows:

– BlueHDi 75 manual: 4.3 l/100 km and 113 g of CO2,
– BlueHDi 100 manual: 4.3 l/100 km and 113 g of CO2.

These engines are more efficient, with improved internal efficiency and lower mechanical friction losses. They also set higher standards of performance for greater driveability.



Modern design

The new Berlingo is as modular and functional as ever. With a full line-up of body styles, engines and equipment, it has the answer to all your business needs.

The new Berlingo is still available in two lengths: L1 (effective volume of up to 3.7 m3) and L2 (up to 4.1 m3). Vehicle access is designed to optimises the loading area, with wide sliding side doors and asymmetric rear doors opening to 180°.