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Intelligent traction control


Intelligent traction control makes for a safe drive on slippery surfaces by preventing wheelspin.

This technology:
– helps the vehicle keep moving in snow, black ice or rain;
– manages the traction control (ASR) system using a control unit that analyses a wide range of parameters (slope, type of snow, ice, etc.) and adjusts slippage of the right and left wheels separately.

The qualities of the intelligent traction control are optimised by snow tyres.

Head-Up display


The colour head-up display projects essential driving information onto a transparent pane in the driver’s direct line of vision.

CITROËN’s technology goes hand-in-hand with driveability. The innovative head-up display borrows leading-edge technology from combat aircraft to provide clear vision under all circumstances.


Lane departure warning system

1800x681_citroen-securite-afilThe lane departure warning system is a driver aid that combats drowsiness or momentary inattention when at the wheel. This innovative system significantly improves road safety.

This technology collects data using infrared sensors facing the road surface to warn the driver when the vehicle crosses solid or dotted white lines.

The system’s ECU raises an alert when the vehicle crosses a white line, without first switching on the indicator lights. The driver is warned by a beep and/or vibrations in the side of the driver’s seat corresponding to the direction of drift.

The system does not take any further action and the driver remains in complete control of the vehicle.

Video lane departure warning system


The second-generation lane departure warning system (LDWS) uses a miniature camera and digital imaging and is more predictive.

The driver’s seat or safety belt vibrates when the vehicle unintentionally crosses a white line, without first switching on the indicator lights.

Lane departures are detected by an invisible miniature camera mounted near the interior rear view mirror and line recognition technology based on digital imaging..

Xenon dual-function directional headlamps


The xenon directional headlamps increase safety by improving visibility and reducing eye fatigue.

The electronically controlled xenon dual-function directional headlamps follow the vehicle’s steering angle so that drivers can see the road ahead, other road users and any obstacles sooner.  This makes for a much safer drive, when you think that, at a speed of 110 kph, the vehicle covers more than 30 m per second.

The xenon dual-function directional headlamps are twice as powerful as halogen lamps, make for a more comfortable drive and offer excellent visibility at night and in poor weather.

These headlamps can be combined with the static intersection lighting, which lights up a larger angle of the inside of corners when driving at low speeds. This system optimises lighting when changing direction or manoeuvring in car parks, for example.

Automatic headlights


As their name suggests, the automatic headlights come on automatically.

The headlights are managed automatically, in line with the ambient lighting and traffic conditions, for a more relaxed drive at night.



Tyre pressure monitor


The tyre pressure monitor uses sensors mounted on each of the four tyres to measure the tyre pressure and to send data to a central ECU.

When the pressure in one of the tyres drops below the set point, the driver is warned by a message on the multi-functional screen and an audible alarm.

This system detects low tyre pressure that may affect the stability of the vehicle and the safety of its occupants.

As well as improving safety, the tyre pressure monitor encourages motorists to keep the tyres at the correct pressure, thereby reducing noise levels, fuel consumption and tyre wear.

Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)

1800x681_citroen-securite-espThe ESP acts on brakeforce distribution and engine speed to keep the car on course if the driver loses grip when cornering.

The ESP helps the driver keep the car under control even in the most difficult situations.

The sensors on the running gear and the steering system detect any loss of grip. Several times every second, the sensors analyse the vehicle’s line and check that it matches the line chosen by the driver.

The ESP is coupled to a traction control (ASR) system that immediately brakes the driving wheels in the event of skidding.

Active cruise control

1800x681_citroen-securite-regulateur-vitesse-actifActive cruise control detects a drop in speed of the vehicle in front and informs the driver. In this way, your vehicle remains at a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Active cruise control maintains a constant distance from the vehicle in front by acting on the accelerator pedal to reduce speed, within a limit of more or less 30 kph.
Once the road ahead is clear, the car returns automatically to its previous speed setting.

This technology makes for more relaxing and safer everyday driving.

Citroën eTouch

1800x681_citroen-etouchWith its built-in SIM card, the free, secure 24×7 Citroën eTouch service includes localised emergency calls and assistance calls for rapid intervention in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The virtual maintenance manual and Eco Driving services are also available on the internet. These services warn drivers of a mechanical problem or safety incident, inform them any necessary service operations and measure fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

 EMP2 modular platform

1800x681_citroen-securite-plateforme-modulaire-emp2This platform, which can be adapted to several bodyshapes (saloon, estate, MPV, SUV, etc.), is lighter and cuts CO2 emissions.

The modularity of the EMP2 platform allows the specific needs of different customers and different markets to be met. Totally different bodyshapes positioned on different segments and adapted to markets all over the world can be developed on the basis of this single platform (4- and 5-door saloons, estates, MPVs, three-box models, SUVs, cabriolets and coupés).

The platform’s major benefits include:
– a modular wheelbase to match the bodyshape
– a range of different engines and transmissions
– reduced weight (-70 to -80 kg)
– reduced CO2 emissions (-10 to -15 g).

Active safety belts

1800x681_citroen-securite-ceintures-securite-activesminThe active safety belts on both seats in the front are fitted with motors that automatically tighten the belts in the event of danger, for maximum protection.

They also strengthen the optimal retention of the driver and front passenger by tightening slightly above 10 kph.