Driving assistance

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Driving assistance

ETG6 clutchless gearbox

1800x681_citroen-aides-conduite-boite-pilotee-etg6The ETG6 (Efficient Tronic Gearbox 6) gearbox is very easy to use when manoeuvring, makes for a more comfortable drive and cuts CO2 emissions.

In particular, the ETG6 gearbox allows drivers to drive at idling speed and facilitates input for smoother low-range acceleration.

The new gear patterns increase shifting comfort, in particular through a reduced number of shifts between first and second gear, which are also smoother.

The optimised gear shift patterns also reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in “economical” driving with gentle acceleration. This reduction was also achieved by using a new gearbox oil with extra efficiency.

Parking space ‘gap’ measurement

1800x681_citroen-aides-conduite-mesure-de-place-disponibleParking space ‘gap’ measurement helps drivers when parking. The system informs drivers whether there is enough space to park their car.

The system uses sensors mounted on the front bumper to measure the available space and then informs drivers whether there is enough available space to park their car. It also indicates the level of difficulty of the parking manoeuvre.

The sensor measures the length of the space as the car drives by. Once the car has passed the space, the system stops measuring. A beep sounds and a message appears on the multifunction screen to inform the driver whether the parking manoeuvre is possible, difficult or not advisable.

Hill Start Assist

1800x681_citroen-aides-conduite-aide-demarrage-en-penteHill start assist makes setting off on slopes much easier. It prevents the vehicle from rolling downhill when the brake pedal is released.

The hill start assist comes into action on gradients steeper than 3% by immobilising the vehicle for about 2 seconds. This leaves drivers enough time to calmly move their foot from the brake to the accelerator.

Hill start assist undeniably makes starting on gradients much easier, since drivers no longer have carefully gauge the effort applied to the clutch and/or accelerator pedals.

Blind spot monitoring

1800x681_citroen-aides-conduite-surveillance-angle-mortThe blind spot monitoring system displays pictograms in the door mirrors to warn drivers of unseen vehicles in the blind spots.

The system works along the same lines as a reversing radar and significantly improves safety, especially on urban motorways.


360° vision

1800x681_citroen-aides-conduite-vision-360360° vision is a system that lets the driver view all the objects and obstacles located around the car to make manoeuvring easier and avoid collisions, particularly when obstacles cannot be seen from inside the car.

The image shown by the high-definition screen on the dashboard is put together using four cameras located around the vehicle:
one at the front, one at the rear above the registration plate, and the other two below the exterior door mirrors for peripheral vision.

When this function is active, it is operational at speeds of up to 15 kph, and remains active until the car reaches a speed of 30 kph.

Park Assist

1800x681_citroen-aides-conduite-park-assistThe park assist driving aid parks your car automatically.

The park assist system helps drivers to find a parking space and parks the car automatically, in both parallel and perpendicular parking manoeuvres.

The driver simply has to control the accelerator and the brakes.

Reversing camera

1800x681_citroen-aides-conduite-camera-reculWhen the driver selects reverse gear, the reversing camera displays a view taken from the rear of the vehicle on the main screen.

The view is enhanced by markings that change colour as you approach an obstacle.

An extended vision that makes reversing much easier!


Hands-free access and starter

1800x681_citroen-aides-conduite-acces-demarrage-mains-libresWith the hands-free access and starter system, you can lock, unlock and start your car, even when the key is in your pocket.

The hands-free access and starter system recognises the owner as soon as they approach the vehicle. The vehicle can be opened by simply placing your hand behind one of the door handles. And pressing the Stop/Start button is all it takes to start the vehicle.