January 8, 2016

Further technology for DS 5

with DS CONNECT NAV, 3d Realtime connected navigation

Further technology for DS 5

True to its supremely high-tech status, DS 5 leads the way with a new-generation satnav system, DS CONNECT NAV, which brings the motorist realtime connected services accessible directly from the car’s touchscreen, 3D information display, and full voice control.

For DS, 2016 will be bringing a major emphasis on connectivity, starting in the first quarter of the year with the DS flagship model, DS 5*, the first to get the DS CONNECT NAV colour 3D satnav system. The market for integrated navigation systems is growing fast, and DS leaps ahead in its connected systems offering with a latest generation colour 3D navigation system controlled by speech recognition or by the lightest touch on the car’s 7” capacitive touchscreen. DS CONNECT NAV addresses customers’ growing expectations for connected services and offers the most modern of high-tech motoring experiences.


“Realtime” is the keyword that best sums up the benefits afforded to DS 5 drivers by DS CONNECT NAV, a new-generation navigation system that packs the following functions:
– Realtime traffic information (with TomTom Traffic),
– Location and prices of service stations and carparks,
– Weather information,
– Location of local points of interest,
– Location of danger zones (option).

With these services (realtime traffic information in particular) DS CONNECT NAV brings considerable time savings plus a more trouble-free driving experience.


Another important aspect of the new system is that it incorporates direct voice control. Drivers enjoy enhanced safety since they can operate satnav, phone and media functions without taking their eyes off the road.

Naturally, DS CONNECT NAV includes the New Mirror Screen feature, for safe access to smartphone applications on the car’s 7” touchscreen. DS offers New Mirror Screen with both Apple CarPlayTM and MirrorLink® technologies, for compatibility with the fullest range of smartphones.

The DS Connect Box (with SIM card and data capability) performs automatic connection with no handling or subscription costs.