February 11, 2016

SpaceTourer Hyphen concept vehicle – CITROËN turns up the volume!

SpaceTourer Hyphen concept vehicle – CITROËN turns up the volume!

Coinciding with the launch of the SpaceTourer, CITROËN is joining forces with French pop group “HYPHEN HYPHEN” to unveil a bright, vibrant 4x4 concept: the SpaceTourer Hyphen. Bursting with optimism and energy, amplifying the character of the production version, the SpaceTourer Hyphen concept will be at the top of CITROËN’s playlist at the Geneva Motor Show!

The Citroën SpaceTourer Hyphen has bright, breezy, go-anywhere looks, opening the way for unlimited travel. As its name suggests, it creates a link between families and tribes, MPVs and SUVs, cities and wide open spaces…On board, anything becomes possible. Every tribe and every clan can step on board and enjoy an adventure without limits.

So it was only natural for CITROËN to join forces with pop group HYPHEN HYPHEN as part of its communication. A lively young group from Nice, nominated for the 2016 French music awards, HYPHEN HYPEN is becoming a key actor on the electronic pop scene.

According to Arnaud Belloni, Director of Marketing and Communication: “CITROËN has always known how to innovate, to be a pioneer and to spot talent. After meeting HYPHEN HYPHEN, the idea for a partnership came about naturally. This vibrant, offbeat group has a real graphic and musical signature. This may be a communication campaign, but one that comes straight from the heart! It’s also a way for us to pool our values of optimism, sharing and creativity.”

Boasting all the features of the standard version, the Citroën SpaceTourer Hyphen concept vehicle offers:
– a SUPERCHARGED DESIGN, protective and welcoming. It turns up the volume with an adventurous, rugged, bright colour scheme that celebrates freedom and functionality;
– an INVIGORATING INTERIOR, welcoming and comfortable for every clan. It immerses passengers in a casual, colourful atmosphere in which everyone enjoys VIP treatment;
– ENHANCED MOBILITY that beckons you to travel in ultimate comfort. It provides even greater freedom in the form of a 4×4 drivetrain developed by Automobiles Dangel. It stands ready for action, at the frontier of the land of true off-road vehicles, and confirms its ability to get to the hardest-to-reach places.


The Citroën SpaceTourer Hyphen concept vehicle exudes dynamism and energy, evoking freedom, leisure, and open-air activities at first sight.

The overall balance and compact dimensions suggest strength and determination, without being overly aggressive.

The Citroën SpaceTourer Hyphen has an SUV personality and accentuates its original, robust style, with a broader bumper along with wheel arch trims and sill protectors inspired by the Aircross concept vehicle. All these features, in the matte Moondust Dark colour, are amped-up by an anodized red-orange trim.

With a higher profile than the standard version, the SpaceTourer Hyphen concept vehicle sits on 19-inch diamond effect matte black aluminium wheels with bold, red-orange anodized highlights. To emphasize its all-terrain utility, five elastomer straps are positioned on each tire, suggesting optimum road grip.

These straps also trim the vehicle’s front and rear bumpers. In anodized aluminium at these points, they give the impression of even greater sturdiness. They also bring to mind climbing equipment: straps, ropes, carabineers.

The fresh, soft, iridescent green colour enhances the fluid lines and evokes nature. The colour stands out even more in contrast with the glossy black roof and hexagonal-patterned sticker. A truly graphic interpretation that intensifies the colour gradation effect, with orange-red motifs, all accentuating the energy of the standard SpaceTourer.

This SpaceTourer Hyphen concept vehicle is made for much more than a journey: it brings to life an uncommon community experience! A veritable state of mind where energy, fun, and freedom await you.


Open the sliding side door, and passengers are instantly ushered into a dazzling world. A bright, dynamic atmosphere in which a light and colourful ambiance expresses well-being.

The roomy, functional interior space is packed with bold colour and comfort choices, from the roof lining to the door panels, the seats to the centre console.

Once aboard the Citroën SpaceTourer Hyphen concept vehicle, every occupant enjoys VIP treatment. Each seat is given a unique expression in colour, repeating the shaded tones and graphic choices at every turn. The lower portions of the seats are in sea-green Nappa leather with tangy, orange-red top stitching, while the upper portion is upholstered in a colour that varies with each seat. For corporal well-being, every seat is equipped with a soft and springy sea-green Nappa leather cushion with orange stitching, attached on both sides with large, red-orange straps.

An energizing, refreshing, and cosy ambiance, with tremendous acoustic comfort and thick floor mats in rich, soft wool.

The roof lining and dashboard are sheathed in a special fabric and harmonize with the colors and design of the seats. The entire interior is bathed in natural light that pours in through the broad glass sunroof.

An interior with asymmetric style and bold 2D and 3D aesthetics, for a truly super-powered vehicle that guarantees an energizing experience, and where all the occupants can enjoy fun, freedom and an unlimited adventure.


Equipped with the BlueHDi 150 S&S engine with six-speed manual transmission, the SpaceTourer Hyphen concept vehicle has on-demand four-wheel drive developed in collaboration with Automobiles Dangel. A drivetrain that has the trailblazing capabilities of a 4×4, while preserving the handling and intrinsic performance characteristics of the SpaceTourer.

This all-terrain option ensures mobility under challenging road conditions that can cause reduced tire grip. For ease of motion, even on very rugged terrain, the SpaceTourer Hyphen has front and rear ground clearance higher than on the standard version.

This transmission transformation, the work of Automobiles Dangel, preserves all the SpaceTourer’s comfort, safety, and practicality.

For more information, you can view this concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show on the manufacturer’s stand in Hall 6, on March 1, 2016, at 9:30 a.m.