February 22, 2016

DS at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show – Technological, refined, sporting and distinguished

DS at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show – Technological, refined, sporting and distinguished

DS will be at the forthcoming Geneva International Motor Show with a completely renewed product range, two world première appearances and DS Virtual Vision, a unique immersive 3D experience.

New versions of the sophisticated Parisian DS 3, the DS best-seller, will be sharing the limelight with DS 3 PERFORMANCE, a distinctive, dynamic version making its début appearance at Geneva.

The other world première is a totally unique and highly distinguished DS brimming over with advanced technology, superlative refinement and a decidedly sporting inclination. The veil will be lifted at 08:45 am on Tuesday 1 March, in the DS area (Pavilion 6 at the Palexpo Exhibition Centre).

DS will be at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show with exhibits epitomizing the best in French engineering know-how and avant-garde design.

A year back, the DS brand was launched at this very venue, and on 1 March 2016 DS is back with a completely renewed product line-up. Hatchback and Cabrio versions of New DS 3 PERFORMANCE will be making their world début appearances. There’ll be a unique immersive 3D experience entitled DS Virtual Vision, offering visitors an in-depth guided tour round New DS 3 and its extensive customization capabilities. Without a doubt, the high spot of the event for DS comes on Tuesday 1 March at 08:45 am, when the wraps are taken off a completely unique brand new DS.

The spotlight is on technology, refinement, sporting inclination and distinction for DS at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

To keep up to date with what’s happening at DS, check out the DS stand in Pavilion 6. The press days are Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 March.

The press conference is at 08:45 am on Tuesday 1 March 2016. DS spokespeople will be on hand during the press days for interviews with journalists:
– Yves Bonnefont, DS chief executive officer
– Eric Apode, DS product and development director
– Arnaud Ribault, DS world marketing and sales director
– Thierry Metroz, DS design director


New DS 5, the DS flagship model, made its début appearance at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, inaugurating the DS brand identity with its new front end, along with all the other special features that go together to make a DS. (And let’s not forget that the very name DS is a play on words in French, since it’s pronounced the same as “déesse”, which means “goddess”.)

With its avant-garde style, dynamic performance, refinement, attention to detail and panoply of advanced technologies, DS 5 provided a fine demonstration of the attributes that characterize the DS brand in its entry to the modern age. A year on, these attributes shine through in all the models making up the DS product range: New DS 3, New DS 3 Cabrio, DS 4, DS 4 CROSSBACK and DS 5:

– Avant-garde design. A DS is not like any other car. All DS models now sport the new DS front end (DS Wings), sculpted like a work of art, with its vertical hexagonal grille in which the DS badge sits. The chrome surround extends outwards toward the headlamps (and foglamps on New DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio, which boast “Dual Wings”). The effect is heightened by the DS LED Vision light signature, which combines LED and xenon technologies, and the new scrolling indicators. The headlamp design is evocative of precious stones, making a major contribution to stylistic identity as well as providing an excellent quality of lighting and illustrating the characteristic DS sense of refinement and attention to detail. Then each DS has its own distinctive features, making each model instantly recognizable. DS 5, for example has its sleek chrome sabre running from the tip of the headlamp through to the rear window; DS 4 has its unique, fluid, sculpted morphology taking a two-tone body-roof colour combination; DS 4 CROSSBACK has rugged go-anywhere style features; and New DS 3 has its floating roof and shark’s fin beltline.

– Advanced technologies. All of today’s DS models are connected. On-board touchscreens implement the Mirror Screen function for safe on-the-move use of smartphone applications (iOS or Android). A recent addition on DS 5 is the DS Connect Nav system: 3D connected realtime satnav for a driving experience at the forefront of modern technology. Powerful, efficient engines are another important aspect of DS advanced technology. As well as offering ready access to all the torque the driver needs, for a unique driving experience, they also keep CO2 emissions down. The best examples to date are probably: the PureTech 130 (Engine of the Year 2015), whose 130 bhp deliver torque of 230 Nm, for CO2 emissions as low as 112 g/km on DS 4; the BlueHDi 180 unit, whose 180 bhp deliver torque of 400 Nm, for CO2 emissions of just 110 g /km on DS 5; and the Hybrid 4×4 unit on DS 5, with peak power of 200 bhp, torque of 500 Nm and just 90 g/km of CO2. Driving pleasure also benefits from the latest-generation EAT6 automatic transmission, available on all models in the DS range. EAT6 reduces gearshift times by 40%, for an exceptionally smooth driving. The DS LED Vision headlamps provide a fine example of how DS technology serves style as well as functionality: as well as expressing the DS light signature they also produce 50% more light and reduce energy consumption by 50% in dipped mode and 67% on main beam.

– Refinement and attention to detail. DS takes pride in an approach inspired by French luxury product tradition, with quality materials, fine craftsmanship, authentic décors, unique styling and meticulous finish. This is immediately apparent is the exclusive watchstrap-stitch finish on the DS leather upholstery and the leather-covered dashboard on DS 4 (which takes no less than eight hours of manual work). Refinement also shows through in the subtle brand identification signs such as the wing mirrors engraved with the DS monogram on some versions, or the aluminium trims on the DS 5 doors. Then all customers have immense scope for expressing their own individual personalities. All DS models are extensively customizable, the best example being New DS 3, for which they are an astounding three million possible combinations.

– Brisk yet reassuring response, for a superlative ride. Suspension and steering on DS 4 and DS 4 CROSSBACK were fine-tuned to accommodate the new vehicle heights, the aim being to enhance the unanimously appreciated DS 4 ride quality in terms of comfort / response balance. The DS 5 suspensions have also been upgraded to achieve further comfort enhancements. Specifically, the shock absorbers implement PLV (Preloaded Linear Valve) technology, which straightens the response slope for a more linear, and therefore smoother, action, and their working length has been increased. The result is that road surface irregularities are filtered out more effectively, so vibration and percussion noise are minimized. There are important upgrades on the New DS 3 models too. Two examples on DS 3 Cabrio: the sliding roof can be operated (opened or closed) at speeds up to 120 km/h; and acoustic comfort is achieved by using a quality material for the roof textile (multi-layer composite materials with inner acrylic layer for acoustic filtering), plus an aerodynamic deflector.

DS will be showing all its models at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show. In addition there’s an upholstery demonstration workshop staffed by craftsmen from the DS Style Centre, right in front of the New DS 3 customization wall, and visitors will also be able to try out the new DS connectivity services such as the Mirror Screen and the DS Connect Nav connected satnav system.


As announced a couple of weeks ago, there are brand new high-performance versions (aptly named DS 3 PERFORMANCE) of New DS 3, in both hatchback and convertible formats. DS 3 PERFORMANCE and DS 3 Cabrio PERFORMANCE are distinguished, dynamic models offering an inimitable blend of efficacy, comfort, driveability and intense motoring pleasure. They’re making world première appearances at this year’s Geneva Motor Show prior to market release from April 2016.

The figures speak for themselves: power 208 bhp, torque 300 Nm, and CO2 emissions as low as 125 g/km. The DS PERFORMANCE development teams achieved outstanding performance for the new cars, which are powered by a 1.6 THP S&S engine coupled through a specially staged six-speed manual gearbox (MCM) with Torsen® limited-slip differential, for exceptional drive and roadholding.

For exceptional agility backed by irreproachable safety, the chassis and braking systems were specially tuned for this new application. DS 3 PERFORMANCE cars sit 15 mm lower, their front and rear tracks are wider (by 26 mm at the front and 14 mm at the rear), and the brake disks measure 323 mm at the front (with special callipers) and 249 mm at the rear.

The design teams were equally attentive to style. The new car’s sporting inclination is instantly apparent in features such as the dual tailpipe, the wide wings, the black diamond 18” alloys wheels, the gloss black front brake callipers in the DS PERFORMANCE colours. The interior exudes a sporting mood too, with the bucket seats, specific instrumentation and dashboard with the DS PERFORMANCE signature.

Because high performance is no impediment to customization capability, customers can choose between two trim levels on both hatchback and convertible versions. At the first trim level, there’s a choice of six body/roof colour combinations for the hatchback and four for DS 3 PERFORMANCE Cabrio. The second trim level —Black Special— takes sports-oriented refinement to new heights, with a black body, featuring carbon side trims, and gloss gold roof (on the hatchback). Interior design echoes the smart exterior, with gloss gold dashboard and gearstick base and a wealth of additional comfort and safety equipment. Further details include an interior Carbon Pack and an exterior decoration kit.

DS 3 PERFORMANCE will be holding court in the DS area at the Geneva Motor Show, which is also exhibiting the 1.6 THP S&S engine.


Since the sophisticated Parisian DS 3 was launched in 2010, it has won over no fewer than 390,000 customers, from Paris to Tokyo, from London to Buenos Aires, with its strong personality, unique style, driveability and modern equipment. Hatchback and convertible versions are extensively customizable to individual tastes, and customers appreciate the ideal balance between comfort and vigour.

DS is writing the next chapter in this success story with New DS 3, unveiled on 19 January. Its inimitable style is rooted in unique attributes such as the floating roof, two-tone body and shark’s fin beltline, hallmarks of the DS 3 personality.

Another expression of the car’s unique style comes in its extensive customization capability. There are no fewer than 78 possible body-roof colour combinations, and if we factor in all the customer-choice variables (wing mirror shells, wheels, dashboard trim, gearstick knob, linings, etc.) the number of possible combinations reaches a staggering three million. So each DS 3, hatchback or convertible, is a truly unique car!

As well as discovering two real-life New DS 3 models at the DS stand in Geneva, visitors will also appreciate a unique immersive 3D experience —DS Virtual Vision. Wearing an HTC Vive headset, they can operate joystick to control a captivating, dynamic, interactive experience giving an overview of customization possible. They can juggle between some roof and body colours, interior linings, wheels and interior décors to configure New DS 3 and view the result as if the car was there right in front of them. They can walk right round the car, open and close the front doors, and even take a seat inside.

This fully immersive 3D experience uses Virtual Garage technology developed by Dassault Systèmes and making a world début appearance with DS.

DS extends a warm welcome to visitors at the Geneva Motor Show from 3 to 13 March 2016 (and from 1 March for the media).