November 22, 2015

Colours, fun and a trampoline for the new season at C_42: “CITROËN COLORS!”

Colours, fun and a trampoline for the new season at C_42: “CITROËN COLORS!”

C_42 is opening its summer season: “CITROËN COLORS!” The optimistic mood of the new season is expressed in shades of blue, green and pink by the walls and the models on display. To mark the event, CITROËN’s international showcase on the Champs-Elysées is rolling out three new experiences, alongside the giant slide already in place. New events include the opportunity for visitors to have their photo taken on a trampoline! To take away a bright and colourful souvenir of their visit...

As summer draws near, CITROËN is bringing a touch of creativity and joy to the Champs-Elysées with its new season: “CITROËN COLORS!”. A life-size mock-up of a Citroën 2 CV seemingly springing out of a giant paint pot sets the tone as soon as the visitor walks in! Every floor of C_42 reflects the brand’s optimism through three brightly coloured themes: ‘Live’, ‘Love’ and ‘Share’. Three themes that reflect the latest vehicles launched by the brand, currently on display (new Citroën C1, C4 Cactus, new Citroën Berlingo, etc.), supported by original events:

– ‘Jump’: a photo activity involving a trampoline on the top floor of C_42. An opportunity for visitors to enjoy an original experience and take away a colourful souvenir of their visit (photos can be transferred free by e-mail and/or printed for €0,50).

– ‘Heart Beat’: visitors are asked to place their hands on a touch-operated heart-rate monitor that lights up a Citroën C-Zero, the brand’s all-electric city car, in time with the beat of their hearts.

– ‘Be Happy‘: this interactive animation features a screen displaying a cloud of words relating to the optimism underpinning CITROËN’s values. Visitors are asked to select the word of their choice to discover a quote, either attributed or anonymous, associated with that word,. They can then share this quote on the social networks.

Moreover, visitors can still enjoy:

– The giant slide, ‘Twist Inside CITROËN’: 26 metres high and 63 metres long with a gradient of between 30° and 33° and linked turns. This original tubular slide is the quickest way to travel, since it gets you from the top floor of C_42 to the Racing area in the basement in just 15 seconds! (entry price: €2,00).

– ‘The Speed Experience’: inspired by the wind tunnels used for aerodynamic tests in the vehicle design process. This activity in the Racing area invites visitors to enjoy a high-speed experience with sound, light… and wind! A hair-raising experience! (entry price: €2,00).

More than ever, visitors to C_42 will enjoy a bright and vibrant experience this summer!