February 17, 2016

Citroën E-Mehari on display in the #galeriEmehari

Citroën E-Mehari on display in the #galeriEmehari

A few days after Paris Fashion Week, CITROËN designed its own colourful, cutting-edge way to show off the different personalities of its new free spirit on four wheels, a vehicle that is 100% electric, fresh, and vibrant. Four Citroën E-Mehari were presented in a Paris location converted into an “E-Mehari Gallery.” Free rein was given more than 25 e-influencers to express themselves in one of the special sets and share their creations on the web. An original way to capture the trendy E-Mehari spirit and reveal a bit more of this new vehicle it to a targeted audience. All a few days before the E-Mehari’s unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, the vivacious result can be seen at #galeriEmehari.

In early February, the Espace Commines in Paris’ third arrondissement was transformed into a “gallery” showcasing CITROËN and its E-Mehari. This atypical site, a former industrial warehouse built in the late 19th century, is what the carmaker, with help from L’Ecurie agency, selected as the stage for its new offbeat, easy-going vehicle! Though a lighthearted nod to an icon, the 1968 Méhari, the E-Mehari is so much more: a 100%-electric, optimistic, trendy, four-seat convertible with fun, contemporary style.

In this private location renamed “#galeriEmehari,” 4 E-Mehari, representing the range’s 4 colours, were displayed in four “boxes” with original decor, each embodying a different energy and attitude. Every expressive and colourful E-Mehari had its own unique world and personal ambiance: Into the blue with getaway spirit; Super-electro my funny clementine; Invigorating say yellow; and Elegant ring the beige… for day or night.

The four body shades in thermoformed, bulk-stained plastic – corrosion-resistant material that stands up to minor impacts – can be paired with either of two fabric soft-top options (black and orange) and two interior trims (beige and orange, with a central-section print inspired by the world of water sports). This PET trim is completely waterproof.

The gallery’s four Colour Boxes are pop-up works of art – themed, monochromatic sets that were opened to more than 25 influencers. These aficionados of audacity and creativity, always with an eye out for the latest design trends, joined in some image-making fun alongside the E-Mehari. That moment led to a series of photos and publications linked to the hashtag #galeriEmehari. Another form of car-talk reaching a different audience, and an original way to illustrate the E-Mehari spirit, completely aligned with CITROËN’S values of design, freshness, and optimism!

A few weeks before the E-Mehari’s unveiling at the Geneva Moto Show, these flamboyant, flashy creations can be viewed at #galeriEmehari.