November 22, 2015

C4 Cactus on show at Milan Design Week

C4 Cactus on show at Milan Design Week

Barely a week after winning the title of World Car Design of the Year 2015 in New-York, Citroën's C4 Cactus is confirming its iconic automotive design status with two showings at the highly prestigious Milan Design Week, from 14 to 19 April. For its virtues of originality and modernity, it has been selected to take part in two of the show's exhibitions: one at the Design Museum for the Art of Living project and the other at the Talent & Economy exhibition put on by the France Design project.

Both exhibitions spotlight the design and strong identity of C4 Cactus, plus its irrefutable ability to make a break from the established norm, with a uniquely intrepid modern style that merges creativity, practicality and aesthetics. From 14 to 19 April, visitors will be able to appreciate its sleek design, non-aggressive outline, original styling and practical innovations such as the Airbump®.

CITROËNat the Art of Living exhibition, a key Design Week event

At Milan Design Week, the design magazine Living puts on an exhibition of cult contemporary design items. The purpose of this prestige event is to stimulate thought on new decoration and design languages. Citroën C4 Cactus fits in neatly with this important exhibition, especially since it draws overt inspiration from furniture design, with its sofa-style seating, and from the world of long-haul travel with its trunks and straps. For the exhibition it is showcased in a virtual garage that also emphasizes design, originality and advanced technology.

Intrepid creativity à la Française, with the Talent & Economy exhibition

CITROËN’s C4 Cactus was selected by the VIA and 14 Septembre organizations to appear at Milan Design Week in an exhibition of items representing the best in French design, combining aesthetics and new usages. In Milan, C4 Cactus’s original and intrepid design will be flying the flag of CITROËN’s extraordinary creative design talent.