January 7, 2016

DS Automobiles at the 20th annual “Designer Christmas Trees” event

DS Automobiles at the 20th annual “Designer Christmas Trees” event

Organised by Marie-Christiane Marek and the Comité Montaigne, the event tasks luxury brands with reimagining, reinventing, and paying homage to the Christmas tree. The resulting creations will be exhibited to the public before being sold in a charity auction with proceeds going to AVEC, a charity working in the fight against cancer.

For the DS Automobiles tree, teams at the Brand’s Style Centre worked with Marianne Guedin, the designer and scenographer. Audacity, French elegance, technology, and a distinctive style, all of these qualities that the Brand calls its own are also to be found in this unique, light-filled creation. Don’t wait, see for yourself at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées. Free entry to the exhibition until 26 November 2015.

The “Designer Christmas Trees” charity, founded and chaired by Marie-Christiane Marek, has been exhibiting and then selling for charity creations from some of the biggest names in fashion, design, and architecture for 20 years now.

For the second year running, the Designer Christmas Trees are hosted by the Comité Montaigne. With its flagship store, DS World Paris, open at 33 Rue François 1, the DS brand has been an active member of Comité Montaigne for a few months now, and will be taking part in the 20th edition of Designer Christmas Trees.


Standing 2 meters tall, the DS Automobiles Christmas Tree shares the Brand’s avant-garde spirit, as can be seen in its shape. Its lines trace a vegetable or even mineral form that bears a likeness to a pine cone or water droplet, two of Marianne Guedin’s themes of creative predilection.


Marianne Guedin, designer and scenographer, discovered the world of DS Automobiles just over one year ago when the Brand was founded. For over three months, she filled DS World Paris with prestigious floral and artistic arrangements. During her spell as artist in residence, Marianne Guedin blurred the lines between the worlds of plants and cars, with results that were as daring as they were surprising.

Today, Marianne Guedin has created the DS Automobiles Christmas Tree, “An engrossing project that I really enjoyed. With its clean, curved lines, its quality raw materials shaped by the hands of craftsmen and its crimson glow, to me this piece is an unprecedented imprint that illustrates exactly what the DS Automobiles spirit means.”

The public can see for themselves at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées, 15 avenue Montaigne, Paris on 21, 24, and 26 November from 12pm to 6pm. Free entry.